At some point I decided that corn syrup was evil. Specifically high fructose corn syrup. I’m sure this will not be the last time I talk about the evil-ness that is HFCS… but this one has to be quick. I’m visiting friends for the weekend and probably shouldn’t spend too much time on this computer.

So this morning, after a long night out in Brooklyn, we went out for a late breakfast. I had my Cinch shake at around 9am – just to get something in my stomach so I could be patient while others were sleeping – and then went out to get breakfast (or brunch) around noon. I decided to let myself cheat since I’m not at home. I DO love everything bagels… and turkey bacon isn’t the absolute worst thing in the world. So I ordered my sandwich and sauntered over to the drink case, assuming I wouldn’t find anything without the dreaded HFCS. I’ve been avoiding it for so long that if I cheat on that one, it hurts. Headaches, problems digesting, even overeating….

I knew I wanted an iced coffee (with soy milk) but I also wanted a juice or something. Yes. I was very thirsty. I was presently surprised by the number of drinks in the case that lacked my nemesis… and even more surprised by the amount of organic stuff! So I tried something new. “Strawberry Paradise” from a company called Purity Organic (www.purityorganic.com). It was freakin delicious. And didn’t make me feel like crap. Way to go Bagel Factory.

I leave you with an article on the evil demon, study by Princeton University:http://www.princeton.edu/main/news/archive/S26/91/22K07/

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