Are YOU ready for 2015 ?!?  

Too bad if you're not - It's here! 

We're already four days in... are you keeping your New Year's Resolution(s)?

I've started putting plans together and setting goals, while enjoying my few days off at the beginning of the year. But alas, tomorrow is Monday and it's back to work with me - and back on track! 

Done so far: 

Made a Morning Schedule and posted it on the refrigerator and on the mirror in my bedroom. This schedule includes things like "Wake up at 6!" and "Body Love (dry brush, almond oil, shower, etc...)". I don't expect myself to start doing everything all at once - that's unrealistic. Change takes time. 

Posted a weekly Ideal schedule. This is mostly to help me remember that I have more to do than go to work everyday. I've become too focused on work and let everything else slip. This cannot stand! I must reprioritize my life and make it more about, well, ME!

One big task checked off the list this weekend: I finally painted the inside of my sorting cabinet - the cabinet in the kitchen where all the garbage ends up. Here's a picture of my fancy new bins: 

I count this as progress made! This task, while small, has been bugging me for a long time. And now it's done! 

What small task will you complete today? Just one. That's all it takes to change.